It's not only new software. It's a new lease on life.

When LeopardAssist was introduced in 2008, it had only one aim - to extend the service life of the thousands of PowerPC based Macintosh computers that didn't make the cut for OS X Leopard. More than five years and over 70,000 downloads later, LeopardAssist is still being used to extend the life of countless machines, in the hands of collectors, enthusiasts and owners that wish to repurpose their older hardware.

Outdated doesn't have to mean Incapable.

Sometimes all a machine needs is a software upgrade. PowerPC based Macs are still usable for a number of basic and specialised tasks. With more software requiring newer operating systems to run, and more recent developments made towards PowerPC Macintosh systems being centered around later OS releases, LeopardAssist extends the life of these machines by allowing them to run the necessary software to remain useful.

Simplistic by Design.

Perhaps LeopardAssist looks a little basic on the surface. A few clicks of the mouse is all LeopardAssist needs to configure your machine for installation, from the processor to the drives - all without requiring any manual editing of files or burning of additional discs.

Extensively Tested.

LeopardAssist has several years of testing to its name, across most models and series of PowerPC Mac, and even today it continues to receive feedback and feature requests for consideration. In addition, developments and information gathered in the improvement of LeopardAssist have assisted in helping other Mac related projects on both PowerPC and Intel.

Widely Supported.

LeopardAssist is widely used and supported across many specialist Mac communities, such as the ThinkClassic Vintage Apple community ( ) and the MacRumors PowerPC Macs Forum ( ). Any questions related to the use, care and maintenance of your PowerPC based Mac and the installation of OS X Leopard can be directed to one of these communities.

LeopardAssist Screenshot LeopardAssist Screenshot
Have questions about your older Mac? From the developers of LeopardAssist, ThinkClassic is a community for Vintage Apple enthusiasts, collectors and owners. Ask questions and receive answers from other users of older Apple technology, covering all machines from the Apple II to the Power Mac G5.